SMS in retail

Communicate with customers, staff and suppliers in an instant - improve customer service, generate sales and keep down operating costs. Send order confirmations, updates, system alerts, sales promotions, surveys - you name it, SMS can handle it!

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Communicate with patients and staff! Appointment reminders, shift planning, outpatient follow-ups, etc.

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Transport & logistics

Whether you're transporting goods or people, SMS traffic updates, delivery notifications and so on help drive efficiency. 

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Contact staff, parents and pupils. Arrange staff cover, notify of closures and deliver room changes - to name a few.

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Marketing agencies

Implement SMS for your marketing strategies for the best way to reach your customers’ target audience.

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Test & learn with SMS

Ensure the success of your marketing campaigns by testing variables to determine the best options through SMS.

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SMS in Australia

This White Paper will guide you through the relevant Australian law regarding SMS marketing.   

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SMS providers

Not all SMS providers were created equal. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

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