Use SMS to reach customers and stakeholders in Australia and the Pacific region

Local presence

Presence in the region

A local focus on international SMS campaigns improves the level and quality of the service, as well as the impact. Our Australian office can offer local support to the receiving end of your messaging campaigns to the Asia Pacific region. International networks and connections in Australia allow us to be a partner in international business communication for U.S. businesses, rather than simply be an SMS provider for them.


Message processing

With direct connections to the major networks in the Asia Pacific region, our message processing speed is exceptional. Our Service Level Agreement commits to 90% of SMS messages being processed within five seconds and 95% within twenty seconds. This standard is largely exceeded, with delivery rates usually hitting around 98% and 99% within 5 and 20 seconds respectively.

Message processing speed is exceptional
SMS messages with a 'from address'

ISO 27001

Information security is a concern for modern businesses operating in the U.S. and internationally. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized information security management system that enforces the highest level of data security for organizations. We are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring your business is protected against information security threats.

Multiple platforms

We built our own platforms to ensure that every business has as many options as possible for incorporating new and exciting SMS features. We developed all of our platforms in-house in order to offer multiple avenues for sending SMS to suit individual businesses. Platforms include Echo - our online platform, Echo for Email, the SMS API, the SMPP as well as a Magento extension. There are also intelligent SMS surveys available so that your business can seek out the best feedback from customers in the Asia Pacific Region. See our platforms page for more info about which platform could best suit your business.

Multiple platforms, all built in house
SMS messages with a 'from address'

Experience within the country

We are an international organization with 20,000 customers globally and many across the Asia Pacific region. With uniquely tailored communication strategies to suit the Asia Pacific context, there have been many success stories for businesses in the region using our services. Our experience extends across many industry sectors including transport, finance, logistics, education, accounting, healthcare and many more.