Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. has grown from one small store in 1964 in New Orleans into the world’s largest distributor of professional hair and beauty products. We’ve been effectively working with the UK and Ireland operations of the global business.

With 250 stores in the UK and Ireland, it’s an extremely large and growing retailer, and one who’s placing SMS high on the agenda. When the UK and Ireland division of the business set their sights on using Esendex, we knew it would kick off campaigns that would have a huge effect.

With a 40% increase in response rates for service communications and a 29% increase in response to promotions when SMS is used – it’s safe to say their SMS messages have been making an impact! 

Sally Salon Services Ltd’s customers are very reliant on their mobiles. Many customers are mobile hairdressers and beauticians so they like to be able to receive SMS when on the move.

The beauty of SMS is that whether your customers own a shiny iPhone with full internet access or a text-only mobile, your message will always get through.  

An image of Sally's store front
An example of Sally's SMS messages

SMS Marketing

increased promotion take up by 29%

SMS consistently plays a role in Sally Salon Services Ltd’s marketing efforts and is a focal point of its marketing in their multichannel campaigns; alongside direct mail and email.  The best response rate is acheived when they use direct mail and SMS together, sending the direct mail and following up with an SMS increases the promotion uptake by 29%. 

SMS Reminders

increased response rate by 40%

Using SMS reminders has generated up to a 40% increase in response rate for customer service related communications such as their student trade card expiry communications. 

An image of Sally's shop floor

A cut above the rest

“We chose to work with Esendex as their experience and expertise speaks for itself.  We're delighted with how the relationship has evolved; their ability to understand our requirements, the quality of service we receive and the proactive approach our account manager Kim, takes to help us achieve our goals.”

Sally Salon Services Ltd is a retailer which is passionate about customer service, and therefore wants to continue to create the best experience for customers that is possible. 

Moving forward Sally Beauty Salon Services Ltd are looking into sending service related text messages to customers when they buy online or over the phone, including sending order confirmations, dispatch notifications and delivery timeslots. Back to Customer stories