Online SMS with Echo

Echo is our online application which quickly allows you to send and receive SMS online. Echo’s intuitive interface enables anyone to start sending SMS within minutes. You can send thousands of messages out swiftly.

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To receive SMS back into your Echo account, you can purchase a Virtual Mobile Number (VNM). These are just the same as any other cell phone number, however they only receive SMS messages - not calls. Keeping everything in one place.

With Echo you are able to display a Sender ID with any message you send, so that your brand or organization name will appear on any message received. This can be any name of your choosing, using up to 11 alphanumeric characters; all at no additional cost.

Using our dynamic field functionality, you can send SMS messages with personalised details, such as names and dates, to improve engagement. You can also build dynamic templates to help you save time, maintain consistency and limit any spelling errors.

Once you have sent your messages, you will instantly be able to see the status of them. You can see how many have been delivered or how many failed. You can even investigate down to the recipient level, to see who received their message. This can be invaluable feedback that will help you clean out all the inactive numbers in your data.


Send email to SMS with
Echo for Email

Echo for email enables you to send SMS directly from your email account, conveniently combining the two communication channels. Once configured you simply need to prefix with the mobile number you want to reach. i.e.

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Many existing email platforms are compatible with Echo for Email. You can send SMS through email using your own already existing Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or other email service.

For the users of Echo for Email, communicating seems very much like regular emailing. Replies to your messages are delivered straight into your email inbox so that all your information can be kept in one place - there’s no extra inbox to check.


Send SMS through our API

Integrate our API to enable your applications, software and website to automatically send SMS. Our in-house development team made our API to be intuitive to use yet managed to include a wealth of features. We thoroughly test our SMS API regularly, to ensure it’s robust and reliable.

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Our API is built by developers for developers. You can find more detailed information, including SDKs, sample code and more on our developer site.

It is packed with all the features you find within Echo, our own online SMS platform; you can set a from address that will show your company or brand to whoever receives the SMS—which can be any alphanumeric character and can be up to 11 characters long.

There is also the functionality to track when messages have been delivered to the handset, or whether they never made it. This can be critical to understanding whether important messages have reached the recipient. If, for example, the message failed, the issue can be resolved immediately.

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All of our customers benefit from our direct connections. However, those who prefer to connect through SMPP can also enjoy quick high-volume message processing as well as the sophisticated message reporting capabilities of the SMPP API.

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Magento extension

More than 240,000 merchants worldwide are currently using Magento as their eCommerce software. We are developing an extension which allows you to send automated customer and internal notifications via SMS. This ensures continuous communication throughout the whole online shopping process. The reporting feature will also make tracking your progress towards sales targets easy.


Automate SMS with a Magento extension
Intelligent SMS Surveys

SMS surveys provide a great way to receive honest and quick feedback from your customers, in a convenient and swift way for them as well. SMS Surveys can be sent automatically to follow up any interaction your customers have with your business. The instant feedback could greatly improve your business performance. To find out more, take a look at our SMS surveys sheet today.

Get customer feedback through SMS surveys