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Our SMS API is built by developers for developers and delivers straightforward, hassle free integration with our SMS gateway

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Introducing the Esendex API

A simple, lightweight SMS API, built on established standards which removes the need for specialist toolkits. The Esendex API is based on the REST architectural style and implemented using the HTTP protocol. Our SMS API will allow you to SMS-enable your applications, websites and software in no time at all.

In house technical expertise

We’re a technology company ourselves, with a dedicated in-house development team, so you can be assured that our SMS API is easy to use, yet offers sophisticated functionality. It’s constantly evolving with help from our developer community.

Easy to implement

Our SMS API is practical, straightforward and supported with detailed documentation including example code to get you started quickly.

A wealth of resources

On our website you’ll find sample code, documentation, a support section. But if you’d rather speak to someone instead, just drop us an email support@esendex.com.

Fast set up

It’s quick and easy to integrate with our SMS gateway, no matter which programming language you use.

Esendex API Features

Built on the ReSTful API (Representational State Transfer)

Esendex API features
Send SMS
Send an SMS to cell phones directly from websites, applications or software
Send SMS messages to multiple numbers and groups
Schedule messages to be sent in the future, specifying the date, hour and minute
Send long messages of up to 612 characters* (approx. 4 SMS) The recipient receives them as a single message
Set an expiry date so that if an SMS can’t be delivered in time it’s cancelled*
Send Voice SMS
Convert text messages to voice calls
Send a Voice SMS to cell phones or landlines
Simple IVR options allows the recipient to acknowledge the message
Multiple retries until the voice message is listened to (10 mins apart)
Realtime delivery and acknowledgement status updates
Send voice messages in a variety of languages
Receive SMS
Receive SMS to your websites, applications or software
Retrieve your inbox messages for use with websites, applications or software
Choose to receive SMS via a US shortcode or an international cellphone number
Send an auto response to anyone that texts you
Mark inbox messages as read or delete
Contact management
Create, edit and delete groups and contacts
*** Coming soon *** import contacts from your cell phone  
*** Coming soon *** access contacts live from Salesforce and Plaxo  
Real-time notification of inbound messages
Real-time notification of delivery of messages
Free delivery receipts to confirm the time and date the SMS was received*
Account management
Setup and manage your application endpoints to receive real-time notifications
Automated emails warn you when credit limits are low at a threshold you decide
Free unlimited email support
Online support and user forums
*Network restrictions apply

Case studies

Our business communication services are used by almost 17,000 companies worldwide - large and small, across a wide range of industries. The following success stories highlight the varied applications and benefits of using Business SMS.

Leading internet retailer Ocado sends home delivery reminders to their customers and manages staff cover, overtime and holidays all via SMS. Read

Chose Esendex to be their partner in offering business critical SMS alerting as part of their website performance monitoring tool. Read

Multiple departments now rely on the Esendex SMS service to communicate internally and with customers. SMS has improved debt collection rates and customer satisfaction markedly. Read

Sends appointment reminders via SMS and has since saved thousands of wasted call outs – allowing them to do legitimate repairs more efficiently and quickly. Everyone wins!. Read

Integrated the Esendex SMS API with their own automated job allocation system to alert field workers to their next job. This two-way service allows field staff to respond at different stages so progress can be monitored. Read

Trust the Esendex SMS service to deliver internal crisis communications within seconds. Read

Successful retailer Kiddicare relies on Esendex to communicate delivery slots with their customers. The service has reduced their costs, optimised delivery rates and improved customer satisfaction too. Read

Use SMS to place relief staff in temporary employment, at very short notice. This allows them to keep the headcount down whilst managing over 600 temporary staff. Read

SMS API prices

Pay As You Go SMS pricing: clear, simple and flexible

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. The more you spend the more credit we give you – so $20 buys you $20 of credit but $500 of credit only costs you $420. Every message sent reduces your credit by 5c (10c for any international messages) - it's as simple as that.  Messages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

SMS credit value You pay No. SMS* Effective price
$25.00 $25.00 500 5.00c
$50.00 $47.50 1,000 4.75c
$100.00 $90.00 2,000 4.50c
$250.00 $215.00 5,000 4.30c
$500.00 $420.00 10,000 4.20c
$1,000.00 $820.00 20,000 4.10c
$2,500.00 $2,000.00 50,000 4.00c

You can buy messages online at any time - or you can call us during office hours. When you're running low we'll email you an automated credit reminder, so you never run out of messages. If you need more messages than we've listed here, get in touch with us at sales@esendex.us. We can put together extremely competitive pricing to meet your exact requirements.

Post-paid SMS: our lowest prices for volume users

If you’re going to be sending more than 10,000 SMS per month then post-paid SMS may be better for you. Whether it’s a flat-rate price for our lowest prices with a small minimum commitment or a “tracker tariff” that changes as your volume changes, we’re happy to put a create a tariff that suits your needs.

The small print...

  • Some networks may charge users to receive the messages which you send them
  • Pre-paid SMS messages are valid for 12 months from purchase
  • Post-payment terms are subject to status and may require an initial deposit
  • All prices are exempt from sales tax for US resident businesses.
  • * No. SMS is based on US SMS.  International SMS are charged at twice the prevailing rate.
A simple, lightweight and powerful SMS API. SMS-enable your applications today.